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planning dedication
GOS's agenda
  • Fête de la BD - Stand Glénat
    Bruxelles - Place du Palais Royal
    (Bruxelles / Belgique)
    - Saturday, the 3rd September 2016, from 15h00 to 17h00

WALT's agenda
  • Bd Village - Cora de Messancy
    (Province de Luxembourg / Belgique)
    - Friday, the 30th September 2016, from 16h00 to 18h00


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  • June 2nd 2015
    Introducing the Maghen Gallery, modification of the schedule display.
  • May 5th 2014
    If you want to see / buy original drawings, a new item available in the tools bar !
  • April 21th 2014
    The Technology and the timestamps finally displayed on the website!
    The character page also enriches stakeholder of the first two albums.
  • February 27th 2014
    The places are discovered on the site, and this is the first album that wipes plasters! Watch this page...
  • February 27th 2014
    For the characters, you can now discover the categorized. Follow this page...
  • February 12th 2014
    The Galaxians arrive on our website ! Discover them on this page.
  • February 4th 2014
    Launch of the first version and the main pages

Gos, Créateur du Scrameustache
GOS, Creator of Scrameustache

Roland Goossens, alias Gos was born in mars 1st 1937 at Thy-le-Château (Hainaut, Belgium). After first being a movie operator, then a printer apprentice, he finally ended as a non-commissioned officer in the belgian navy for the eleven following years. This gave him time to try his hand at drawing comic strips.

He gained a professional skill through perseverance and solitary determination. His first comic strip (1961) was named: "When one is in a blue collar", a ten pages humourous story, published in the military magazine "NOS FORCES". Narration and drawing both appeared very professional.

Gos chez Peyo

He met PEYO, who appreciated his skill. So he left the army and entered the Peyo Studio in 1965. He was an excellent contributor, drawing and co-scenarising several episodes of the Smurfs and "Benoit Brisefer".

Meanwhile, he made a few short complete stories for Spirou newspaper (the adventures of Boubou, among others) and wrote screenplays for Walthery: several episodes of "Jacky et Celestin" and the first two adventures of "Natacha, the air hostess", character he co-created. He also played an important role in the conclusion of the last "Spirou et Fantasio" (Franquin): "Panade à Champignac".

Maurice Tillieux requests GOS to ensure the graphics of his hero "GIL JOURDAN" (this in 1969). He drew four episodes, until Tillieux's death in 1979. He even secured the end of the scenario for the detective's ultimate adventure, left unfinished.

In 1972, he lauches his own hero, the "Scrameustache". Kind of debonair alien cat, owner of highly developed technical means, the Scrameustache accompanies the human adolescent Khena in journeys that lead both to distant planets and in the meanders of the past, in search of the mysteries and origins of our planet.

His characters are completed by the "Galaxians" (fanciful little 'star beings'), the sturdy "KROMOKS" and many other attractive (or less) and colourful beeings enhancing the feeling for science fiction and sheer fantasy for young (and less young) readers.

This success has turned into a family business, as his son, Walter (WALT) became co-author (writer and illustrator) since 1982. He even works solo on some episodes. Succession is guaranteed!

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